FIVE STAR Anti Seize


  • Extreme High Temperature

  • Prevents Seizing

  • Protects Against Rust and Corrosion

  • No Grab

  • Will Not Wash Off

Five Star Anti Seize prevents seizing, pitting, fretting, galling and distortion of threaded, keyed, spined and press fitted assemblies. Protects at sustained temperatures of up to 1150°C. Highly resistant to moisture, weather, chemical fumes, salt spray and steam. Allows tighter, more vibration proof.

USE ON: Industrial machinery, construction, farm, mining and earth moving equipment, textile and steel mill machinery, chemical processing equipment, marine hardware, vehicle fleets and assembly lines.


Pre-clean surface to be treated, removing any old contaminated grease, dirt or grime. Shake can thoroughly until ball rattles freely for at least 30 seconds. With can held in upright position spray surface in shortbursts, from a distance of 20-25 cm. After use, invert can and clear actuator by spraying until only gas is dispelled.


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    Carb & Throttle Body Cleaner

    Cleans, lubricates & protects the throttle valve, throttle body & idle air control valves.

  • Rating

    Air Intake Cleaner

    Cleans, lubricates & protects the throttle valve, throttle body & idle air control valves.

  • Rating

    Brake & Parts Cleaner

    Cleans without the need for parts disassembly.

  • Rating

    Buster Rust Penetrant

    Can be the magic key to unlock frozen threads, joints and linkage.

  • Rating

    Water Dispersant Penetrant

    Leaves a non-drying coating to guard against renewed corrosion.

  • Rating

    Pressure Penetrant Lubricant

    Releases rusted or frozen bolts, screws, lugs, nuts, fasteners and metal components.

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    Tyre Bright

    This "Easy to Use" product keeps tyres looking beautiful and lasting longer.

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    Sparkle Glass Cleaner

    Removes dirt and heavy film without leaving haze or streak.

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    Fuel System & Injector Cleaner

    Formulated to clean injectors and maimtain a clean fuel system.

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    Disc Brake Silencer

    Formulated to dampen the vibrations that cause disc brake noise.

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    Power Steering Conditioner

    Five Star Power Steering Conditioner rebuilds old power steering fluid to new.

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    Injector Cleaner

    Cleans injectors and maintains even fuel atomization from injector nozzles.