FIVE STAR Automatic Transmission Conditioner


  • Stops leaks and saves costly over haul

  • Reconditions automatic transmission fluid

Five Star Automatic Transmission Conditioner and Sealer is a scientifically compounded formula designed to stop leaks by reconditioning hardened seals, keeping old seals soft and pliable and keeping new seals new.

Five Star Automatic Transmission Conditioner and Sealer rebuilds old transmision fluid to new condition by restoring oxidation stability and protecting against metal corrosion.

Better lubrication is given to gears, bearings and valve bodies by improving viscosity of the transmission fluid. Adds longer life to the transmission. Use only in automatic transmissions.


To stop leaks and seapage

  1. Remove automatic transmission dipstick from tranmission filler pipe. See owner's manual for location. Check level of fluid.
  2. Add transmission sealer through transmission filler pipe. Do not over fill. Replace dip stick.
  3. Leaks or seapage should usually stop within 400 km of regular driving. If seal is in extremely poor condition, a second can may be required. If leak continues, replace seal.

To recondition automatic transmission fluid and maintain smooth performance.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above, add contence of can to automatic transmission fluid every 15 000 km.
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