FIVE STAR Oil Stabiliser


  • Increases compression

  • Stops exhaust smoke

  • Neutralises acids

  • Adds power to engine

FIVE STAR Oil Stabiliser is a scientifically compounded formula made to stop excessive engine wear, stop oil burning, exhaust smoke and compression loss. It is a molecular oil stabiliser which actually increases oil viscosity and lubricating qualities as motor heat increases.

This prodives a tough, lasting oil film on all metal surfaces, which actually forms an oil barrier on piston and cylinder walls to prevent oil burning and exhaust smoke. Due to its viscosity uder heat, FIVE STAR Oil Stabiliser forms an oil seal in the compression chamber preventing blow by or compression loss.


Add FIVE STAR Oil Stabiliser to oil in the crankcase. For engines with more than 12L capacity add two cans of Oil Stabiliser. For engines burning excessive oil, use 20% Oil Stabiliser.

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