FIVE STAR Radiator Conditioner


  • Boosts corrosion protection and

  • Provides maximum corrosion protection

  • Improves the protection of new, used or recycled coolant/antifreeze

  • Restores worn out additives to recommended levels

  • Adds a safe, continuous flow media to stop leaks and seepage

Can be used with all cooling system components, plus new and recycled coolant/antifreeze solutions.


Add to radiator following regularly scheduled cooling system flush, and fill to improve any new or recycled coolant. Or add to radiator between scheduled maintenance to restore weak or neglected coolant and extend useful service life.

One bottle treats 10 litres of water. In excess of 10 litres use a dilution ratio of 5%.

FIVE STAR RADIATOR CONDITIONER is formulated to exceed the specifications as set out by the Australian Standards Test Method (ASTM D1384-87).

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    Carb & Throttle Body Cleaner

    Cleans, lubricates & protects the throttle valve, throttle body & idle air control valves.

  • Rating

    Air Intake Cleaner

    Cleans, lubricates & protects the throttle valve, throttle body & idle air control valves.

  • Rating

    Brake & Parts Cleaner

    Cleans without the need for parts disassembly.

  • Rating

    Buster Rust Penetrant

    Can be the magic key to unlock frozen threads, joints and linkage.

  • Rating

    Water Dispersant Penetrant

    Leaves a non-drying coating to guard against renewed corrosion.

  • Rating

    Pressure Penetrant Lubricant

    Releases rusted or frozen bolts, screws, lugs, nuts, fasteners and metal components.

  • Rating

    Tyre Bright

    This "Easy to Use" product keeps tyres looking beautiful and lasting longer.

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    Sparkle Glass Cleaner

    Removes dirt and heavy film without leaving haze or streak.

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    Fuel System & Injector Cleaner

    Formulated to clean injectors and maimtain a clean fuel system.

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    Disc Brake Silencer

    Formulated to dampen the vibrations that cause disc brake noise.

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    Power Steering Conditioner

    Five Star Power Steering Conditioner rebuilds old power steering fluid to new.

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    Injector Cleaner

    Cleans injectors and maintains even fuel atomization from injector nozzles.