Anti Seize

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FIVE STAR Anti Sieze prevents seizing, pitting, fretting, galling & distortion of threaded, keyed spines & press fitted assemblies. Protects at sustained temperatures of up to 1150°C. Highly resistant to moisture, weather, chemical fumes, salt spray & steam. Allows tighter, more vibration proof.



Industrial machinery, construction, farm, mining & earth moving equipment, chemical processing equipment, marine, vehicle fleets & assembly lines.


Directions for Use

Pre-clean surface to be treated, removing any old contaminated grease, dirt or grime. Shake can thoroughly until ball rattles freely for at least 30 seconds. With can held in upright position spray
surface in short-bursts, from a distance of 20-25cm. After use, invert can & clear actuator by spraying until only gas is dispelled.


  • Extreme High Temperatures
  • Prevents Seizing
  • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • No Grab
  • Will Not Wash Off


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