Graphite Spray Grease

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FIVE STAR Graphite Spray Grease provides optimum lubrication under extreme high pressures & under wide temperature variations (40°C – 540°C). Forms an impenetrable rust & corrosion barrier. Non dripping & will not break electrical grounding.


Fork lift masts, ladle pins, rollers, mining operations machinery and equipment, cold storage units, fleet vehicles, inaccessible shafts, bushing, pins, lug bolts, springs & high speed open end shafts.


Directions for Use

Wipe all grease and dirt from surface to be lubricated. Shake can well until ball inside rattles. Spray surface with a light mist from a distance of 30 cm. To avoid clogging, turn can upside down after each use and pull trigger 2-3 times to clear sprayer.


  • Extreme High Temperature Grease
  • Non Melting
  • Prevents Washout
  • Lubricates Sliding Surfaces


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