Brake & Parts Cleaner

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FIVE STAR Brake & Parts Cleaner cleans without the need for parts disassembly. Removes fluid, grease & oily contaminates from brake linings & drums, cylinders, disc pads and springs. Helps eliminate drum oil squeal.

FIVE STAR Brake & Parts Cleaner is useful for vehicle mechanical operations, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, forklifts, electric motors & all general parts decreasing.

FIVE STAR Brake & Parts Cleaner features a high-discharge flush valve to provide maximum penetration to clean efficiently.


Directions for Use

Spray brake parts liberally & allow to run off. Allow to air dry, or use soft wiper. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE: Protect rubber parts from spray. Do not spray on plexiglass or most other plastics & paints.


  • Dissolves Grease
  • Non-Conductive
  • No Disassembly Required


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