Engine Flush

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Cars perform more efficiently with cleaner oil. Through normal driving, engine oil picks up the by-product of combustion as a contaminant in the oil, which degrades the performance of the engine. It is recommended to flush the engine oil on a regular basis with FIVE STAR Engine Flush. This will help maintain the performance & the life of the engine.


Directions for Use

Add FIVE STAR Engine Flush to crankcase. For Maximum results drive car for approximately 200km or let engine run at idle for 20 to 30 minutes after reaching operating temperature. Drain while engine oil is warm. Remove & replace oil filter. Refill with new fresh oil. Add one can of Five Star Engine Flush for up to 6L of oil.


  • Cleans all Internal Engine Parts of Hard Oil Deposits
  • Cleans & Frees Valves & Hydraulic Lifters
  • Keeps New Oil Cleaner for Longer


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