Power Steering Conditioner

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FIVE STAR Power Steering Conditioner is a scientifically compounded formula designed to stop leaks by reconditioning hardened seals, keeping old seals soft & pliable & keeping new seals lasting longer. It also reconditions old power steering fluid to new by restoring oxidation stability and protecting against metal corrosion. It applies better lubrication for all moving parts by improving viscosity of the power steering fluid therefore improving the life & reliability of the of the power steering rack.


Directions For Use

To stop leaks & seepage remove power steering dipstick from filler pipe & check the level of the fluid. Add power steering conditioner through the filler pipe. (Do not over fill) Replace dipstick. Leaks & seepages should stop within 400 km of regular driving. If leak continues replace seal. Add contents of can to power steering fluid every 15 000 km.


  • Stops Leaks & Saves Costly Over Hauls
  • Extends Fluid Life
  • Reduces Noise & Shudder


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