Injector Cleaner

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FIVE STAR Injector Cleaner is formulated with & exclusive multi functional dispersant to accomplish the following: cleans injectors and maintains even fuel atomization from injector nozzles, removes lacquer & gum deposits from carburettor jets, accelerator pump, float-valve assembly, throttle plate, frees sticking valves, removes carbon & lead sulphates from spark plugs & eliminates pre-ignition knock.


Directions For Use

For maintenance free driving & for maximum possible protection of the entire fuel system add 1 bottle of Five Star Injector Cleaner to a full tank of petrol after each 1000 km of driving (about once a month) or whenever the above conditions develop.


  • Cleans Injectors
  • Eliminates Carbon Residue
  • Removes Gum & Lacquer


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