Diesel Fuel Treatment

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FIVE STAR Diesel Fuel Treatment has been developed to clean & dissolve carbon deposits, gums & growths in the fuel system.

Five Star Diesel Fuel Treatment cleans injectors & fuel lines, prolonging filter life while improving the delivery to improve combustion of fuel making better fuel economy & reducing diesel smoke.

Five Star Diesel Fuel Treatment also provides upper cylinder lubrication to prevent wearing & enhancing the performance of your diesel engine.


Directions for Use

For maintenance free driving & for maximum possible protection of the entire fuel system add 1 bottle of Five Star Diesel Fuel Treatment to a full tank of diesel after each 1000 km of driving (about once a month) or whenever the above conditions develop. One bottle treats up to 200 litres of fuel.


  • Cleans Injectors
  • Eliminates Carbon Residue
  • Removes Gum & Lacquer


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