Radiator Conditioner

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FIVE STAR Radiator Conditioner restores weak & neglected radiator fluid, boosts corrosion protection and improves the protection of new, used or recycled radiator inhibitor solutions.

FIVE STAR Radiator Conditioner restores worn out additives to recommended levels & adds a safe, continuous flow media to give maximum protection.

FIVE STAR Radiator Conditioner is formulated to exceed the specifications as set out by the Australian Standards Test Method (AS 2108-2004).

FIVE STAR Radiator Conditioner can be used with all cooling system components, plus new & recycled radiator inhibitor solutions.


Directions for Use

Refer to the owner’s manual for cooling system capacity.

If the system is clean, ensure the engine is switched off, turn the heater on and drain the old radiator solution (when cool) by removing the petcock or bottom radiator hose. 

Replace petcock or bottom radiator hose. 

Add Five Star Radiator Conditioner to the radiator first, then top-up with clean distilled or demineralised water. (Makes up to 10 Litres)

Check the radiator conditioned, water level is correct when system is cool.



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