Radiator Fast Flush

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FIVE STAR Fast Flush dissolves rust & scale, cleans cooling systems for hot climate driving.

FIVE STAR Fast Flush can be used in all blocks & radiators & is harmless to all metal and rubber parts of the cooling system.


Directions for Use

Drain cooling system. Close petcocks and pour contents into radiator. Fill radiator slowly with water. Replace radiator cap and run engine at low speed for 30-40 mins. Keep cooling system temperature at 90°C or drive for 150 km. Flush out with clean water with petcock open (radiator and motor block). Continue flushing until water runs clear. Close petcocks and refill system to proper level. Use Five Star Radiator Conditioner after flushing to keep the cooling system clean and free from rust.

The contents in this can will clean a cooling system with a capacity of 10L or less.


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