Sparkle Glass Cleaner

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FIVE STAR Sparkle Glass Cleaner removes dirt & heavy film without leaving haze or streaks.

FIVE STAR Sparkle Glass Cleaner clings to surfaces, rapidly lifting away dirt, smoke tar, grease, bugs & any other stubborn residue. This multi-purpose product can be used on windows, mirrors,
chrome, plastic, tile & other hard surfaces.



Windscreens & windows, rear view mirrors & all chrome surfaces.
Other applications includes counter tops, mirrors, perspex, display cases, metal cabinets & plastic fixtures.


Directions for Use

Hold can upright, in a continuous motion spray 10-15 cm away from surface. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth or soft paper towel. Polish immediately dry with separate dry clean cotton cloth or soft
paper towel.

Best results are achieved on cooler glass surfaces.


  • Dries Streak Free
  • Shines Chrome
  • Cleans Laminex


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