Wheel & Rim Cleaner

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FIVE STAR Wheel & Rim Cleaner is a powerful rim cleaner for regular wheel rim maintenance on alloy and steel rims. Wheel & Rim Cleaner gets into all of the small crevices of the wheel, lifting the grime and making the cleaning of the wheel easy, even in circumstances where dirt & road grime is baked onto the wheel.


Directions for Use

Shake FIVE STAR Wheel & Rim Cleaner well, then spray onto one wheel & tyre. Allow to soak up to 5 minutes. A soft bristle brush may be required to clean stubborn dirt and grime. Work on one wheel and rim at a time as to not let the product dry on the wheel. Rinse the wheel off thoroughly. Process may need to be repeated depending on tyre condition. Repeat the process for all tyres & rims.

For best results finish with FIVE STAR Tyre Bright to give your tyres that brand new shine.


  • Penetrates Oil & Dirt
  • Dissolves Brake Dust
  • Clings to Vertical Surfaces


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