Tronic Clean

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Use FIVE STAR Tronic Cleaner for the removal of dirt, moisture, dust, flux, or oxides from the internal components of electronic or precision equipment such as circuit boards, the internal components of electronic devices, including but not limited to, radios, compact disc (CD) players, digital video disc (DVD) players & computers.

FIVE STAR Tronic Cleaner will extend the life of electronic components. It quickly flushes away grease, oil, dirt and dust. There is no need to dissemble delicate electronics.


Directions For Use

DISCONNECT ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT BEFORE USING. Apply generously with actuator close to the surface. Use handy extension tube for hard to reach areas. Allow sufficient time to evaporate before reconnecting electrical equipment.


  • Rapid Dry Electrical Cleaner
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Ultimate Purity
  • Harmless to Paints & Plastic Components


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